Sunday, July 13, 2014

My very First Sak Yant (traditional tattoo) with Ajarn Neng (near On Nut BTS) in Bangkok

My interest in sakyant came about was a bit fuzzy. It was my friend's ritual of going to Bangkok every month to pray and became lucky after which led me to get blessed at least every month at our local Thai temple and owing 4 amulets now. :) I saw my friend's body were covered with sakyant but i never asked him about it. 

Or it could be my another friend's mentioned about doing it last year that piqued my curiosity with extensive googling on web and youtube. What made me decided were the videos shown on youtube as it proved to me that its real.

Having my first sakyant became my 2014 resolution.

Browsing through some offered here, they were expensive. Yet i had no idea which Ajarn to go to or the money to go Bangkok.

Its just a window of opportunity that presented to me as another someone close mentioned about doing it and that its really effective, I receiving government grant and work payout soon made me want to just do it.:)

I wanted to leave in a day or two and had no idea who to sak for i googled hard and found Ajarn Neng. 

I sent him an email and his assistant wrote back with design which cost 4000B. I was taken aback.

Email to Ajarn Neng
I googled again and found another called Ajarn Aik Yai/Ek/Ak..will post later.

The first 2 days i went to Ajarn Aik and only knew on the 2nd day that he was out of town. As im leaving the next day late afternoon, i had to sakyant on the morning of my last day in Bangkok.

My mind raced and i decided to go to Ajarn Neng despite that its 4000B. Quickly i asked the IMM Fusion reception to call for an appointment that same day but realised he closed at 3pm not 8pm. So i seek their help to make an appointment next day morning at the earliest slot which is 10.30am. 

I also asked Imm reception to help me write the address in Thai as i cant pronounce their words properly and their English pronunciation is different from ours.

I got up early, packed my bag, ate my breakfast at Tesco and took a cab from there. 

I had a bad experience with the cab driver. I got in and asked if he knew how to go as i knew its closed to Imm. He seemed unsure and cant read Thai as he was old. I told him i want to go to another taxi. He said no he could bring me there.

He took me to what seemed like a secluded spot and i was scared. Then i realised he wanted direction. He kept stopping and asking for directions and the time kept ticking away. I was afraid i be late and missed my flight. He also asked for 100B instead of going by meter. I refused. I knew it cost about 60B.

Finally we reached and i gave him 60B which i felt was what the fare should be. He came out of the cab asking me to pay him 100B as shown on meter. I explained to a guy who was waiting outside for Ajarn Neng and he negotiated to 80B. 

Because im outside Ajarn house and i didnt want to have bad impression of me so i agreed but i think he took 100B in the end. :(

Ajarn Neng did his daily ritual and prayers before commencing on sakyant at 10.45am. Process about 15 min. The incense was placed on the urns outside depicting POr Gae and Ganesh. The assistant asked the rest to sign on a white board so that they knew whats the queue like.

Can u see Ajarn Neng seated inside praying
WHite board near the glass door on right

The assistant also asked me what design i want to do as he took out a design album and i show him the one that was recommended to me earlier on in the email. I get him to explain what it meant and basically he said was very good. If its ink it take about an hour or more, if oil then 20-25 min will do.

My design in oil

While waiting i had a chat with the Thai chinese guy and learnt he wanted to do something for love and money. He already divorced once and now marriage on the rocks. 

The Thai chinese guy became my translator and asked me to go in.

The assistant gave me incense while i kneeled down and asked me to chant after him and prayed.

Afterwhich, placed the incense in the Ganesh urns outside. 

I was a bit lost and then Ajarn Neng asked me to come over. He gave me a plate of offerings and asked me to offer to him. Then he raised the offerings towards the gods and prayed.

He asked me to pay 500B for my sakyant. I was surprised and gave a 1000B. The assistant returned the 500B and i said its for Ajarn. Ajarn Neng thanked me.:)

He started preparing the metal spike disinfecting it while i sat back facing him. The incense got my eyes irritable and thus it looked as if im crying and my nose watery. I also remembered to ask the Thai chinese guy to help me take photos and he even threw in a video for me:)) so nice.

While Ajarn prepare the stencils i looked horrible recovering from bad drug allergy

Ajarn cleaned my back, before starting, he asked me to recite " So thaya" again and again when he did the sakyant and to think in my mind what i want.

Ajarn asking me to recite and infuse my desires into sakyant

He didnt tell me what "So thaya" meant and upon googling when im back i realised its for relieving pain and that more pain more power.

There was no one to hold me still so i thought it should be easy and most people said there wasnt much pain.

HAHA...on contrary..there were so much pain!!! 

OMG, its more than ants biting. I found the needle poke me hard and especially near the spine. Its very very painful i almost lost my concentration in reciting "So thaya" together with my thoughts of finding a good husband and more sales in my job ...:( 

Some parts it seemed to scratch my skin and rubbing salt on my wound. I did tried to think if i should change my posture of hunching so it wont hurt my spine so much but i felt it might affect the sakyant.

Ajarn Neng at work while im reciting and infusing

With grated teeth and determination to succeed in love and money, i continued to recite and infused my desires into the sakyant.

Finally its over and Ajarn blessed , chant and blew over my sakyant. He also sprinkled some holy water. He cleaned my sakyant too.

Oh yes almost forgot, he asked me to take deep breaths while he chant/blessed.

He gave me a Khatta card to recite every morning 3 times after Namo Tassa....

The back of Khatta card

He asked me where im going and asked the Thai chinese guy to help me get a cab back to hotel. I thanked Ajarn and bid him farewell.

I apologised and thanked the Thai chinese guy for helping me out and that i took over his queue as he came first and now he had to help me get a cab.

My sakyant process was indeed about 20-25 mins, very fast. I felt very happy and would never forget this moment.

I be back for my second sakyant maybe done by the monk, Luang Pi Nunn of Wat Bang Phra. :) 

A quick update, the achy pain lasted 3-4 days. After 10 days, when i put my clay mask on my back, the image is still there, not as clear as the first day but u know its there.

Outside his gate with the opening hours

Address in Thai-very handy

How to say love in Thai

How to say increase more sales in Thai

Taken from his website

Map to his address

Here's the link to his web

His facebook page


  1. Hi, Cindy Here.
    I have interest to the Sak Yant, also finding Ajarn Aik and Ajarn Neng contact.
    Do you have Ajarn Aik contact?
    So end up is it you pay 4000baht for your tattoo?
    I'm going for transparent one, dunno how much will they charge >.<


  2. Hi Cindy i paid 1000B for oil sakyant by AC Neng, he charged 500B ...i gave him 500B for tips.Up to you.As for AC Aik..well he was in Singapore occasionally. As for email...i might had lost it while i moved recently.AC Thueng is good. Heard he is top 3. he come to Singapore every month, sorry for late reply was so busy with relocating and job.

  3. go to amulet forum events for his coming visit. BTW r u residing in SIngapore?

  4. You're pretty.... Love doesn't knock at your door yet :)

  5. You're pretty.... Love doesn't knock at your door yet :)

  6. You're pretty... Love haven't know on your door yet.

    How's the sak yant, is it effective?
    Plan to sak yant five lines, how don't know which master is good.

  7. Hello QSK ,thanks for compliment, its rather effective with the daily katta chanting and of cos if u believe in praying for the stuff u need.It may not be what u expected but a different way of realizing your wish. It had to be realistic and not against the buddhist teachings as well.

    I too wanted to do the Ha taew but probably not now. AC Tueng is good.